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Group excursions

We Love to travel with you !
Every year, we organize Group Tour Excursions in all around the world .
We like to create and share memories with our clients.

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London 2019
Lourdes & Biarritz 2019
California Summer 2019
Coron Palawan 2019


  • USA, Califoria
  • USA, East Coast
  • USA, East Coast & Florida
  • Canada


  • Russia, St. Petersburg
  • Portugal
  • Spain
  • Mediterranean Cruise
  • Uk, London
  • Amsterdam, Belgium
  • Lourdes/ Irun / Biarritz


  • Philippines, Palawan, El Nido, Puerto Prices
  • Philippines, Cebu / Bohol
  • Philippines, Davao
I had a wonderful experienced with Eliza les Ailés du Voyage, I’m sure mg e-enjoy din kaung lahat,bon voyage à tous ✈️✈️✈️ Lorna Nas
Since 2012 i am a client and a friend of my dear ate Liza and kuya Boualem. I never go on holidays without their service. So approachable and accommodating the money that you paid for a tour is worth it and experience that you will treasure for the rest of your life cause u will enjoy all the packages included and lots of surprises before the tour ended. God bless you ate and kuya - Mayeth
One thing I like with Visit-Philippines by Eliza les Ailes du Voyage is that they are approachable and they won't forget you. When we were in the Philippines, we had some issues, so we called them for assistance and they fixed it immediately. That is why we are very happy and they won't let you down. I highly recommend Visit-Philippines by Eliza les Ailes du Voyage - Rolando Canda
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