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Our Cargo Services

Over 25 years of professional experience at Balikbayan Box & Cargo Services, our team is specialized in the export of goods for individuals between France and the Philippines.

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All our Balikbayan boxes export prices from Paris to the Philippines are fixed according to geographic areas.

Sea Cargo

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See table below


SEA Transits have been improving – NO LONGER + 85 Days but + 65 Days*

*Since March 2023
Pick-Up Dates ETD Delivery Duration ETA Customs Clearance Process / N° Container Status Delivery Report (from Manila)
MARCH 25 & APRIL 1ST  APRIL 10 +85D ETA JULY 10 Arrived on June 6th, 2023  – Tracking Container N° TCLU5371620 Done
APRIL 8th, 15th & 22th APRIL 30 +85D ETA JULY 25 Arrived on June 25th, 2023   – Tracking Container N° KOCU5177680 Done
MAY 13th, 20th & 27th JUNE 10 +65D ETA AUGUST 15 Arrived on July 15th, 2023 – Tracking Container  N° HDMU6855978 Done
JUNE 24 & JULY 1st JULY 05 +65D ETA SEPT 15 Arrived on September 10th, 2023 – Tracking Container N° CLKU5004613 On going
JULY 15 & 22 JULY 26 +65D ETA OCT 15 Arrived on September 10th, 2023 – Tracking Container N° CLKU5004613 On Going
AUGUST 26, SEPT 02 & 06 SEPT 06 +65D ETA NOV 15 Loaded and on Sea – Tracking Conteneur N° KOCU4132871
SEPT 17 & 23 OCT 04 +65D ETA DEC 15 Full
SEPT 30 & OCT 07 OCT 10 +65D ETA DEC 20 In preparation
OCT 21 & 28 NOV 05 + 65D ETA JAN 10 In preparation
NOV 18 & 23 DEC 05 + 65D ETA FEB 10 In preparation

Our official partner

Linex Solutions

We are proud to work with our trusted Partner Linex Solution for more than 15 years . Their professionalism and team ensures the well transportation of all the goods from France to the Philippines.

What & How much ?


Dimensions Balikbayan Box Carton

* If the items are broken, no insurance. We recommend protecting fragile items with wood-based packaging.


1 BOX = 10€*

*deductible of the total amount except provinces

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