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FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

Here are all FAQ - Frequented Asked Questions about your next trip (price, stopover time, weight of suitcases, travel documents, etc.) ! Find your answers !

Payment Methods, Price, Overcharges

How can I pay? What are the different payment methods to purchase a plane ticket?

Online payment through our website is possible :

  • In multiple times thanks to our partner Floa Bank (read the conditions)
  • By Credit Card – One time payment thanks to PayBox Verifone

At the agency

  • In multiple times thanks to our partner Floa Bank (read the conditions)
  • In Cash
  • By Credit card (MasterCard, CreditCard and AMEX)
  • By remote payment
  • By Check, employer check, colis au vouchers
  • By bank transfer
If I pay in multiple times, do all the payments have to be paid before the fight?

The first payment by credit card must be done before the flight. The remaining balance will be automatically credited every month whether the flight is carried out already or not.

Can I pay the first payment in cash?

No. The first payment has to be done imperatively by card (MasterCard, VISA, Maestro Electron).

Can a friend, a member of my family or a third party pay for me?

Yes. All payments can be done by a third party by presenting a letter of derogation and authorization.

Is there any charges for the multiple times payment?

Yes. There is an additional charge of 5% that must be paid integrally in one time.

Is the payment in multiple times secure?

Yes, our partnership with Sofinco, a commercial brand of Crédit Agricole Consumer Finance, insures a safe cashing system of payment in multiple times.

Is it possible to pay multiple times? How can it be done?

Yes. Ever since 2000, our motto has been “Fly now, Pay later !”. You can pay in multiple times from 3 to 4 times maximum. The procedure is simple:

  • You must pay the amount of the first payment (1/4 of the total) with your credit card at the agency the same day you buy the ticket.
  • You must fill up a SOFINCO form – a credit payment in multiple times contract, as well as a debit mandate.
  • You must provide us with your supporting documents:
    • Bank account details
    • National Identity Card, residence permit or french passport
When is the direct debit payment made?

Every 28 days starting from the day the ticket has been bought. Example : Day the ticket has been bought : 20th July 2018. Sofinco will automatically credit every 20th of the month until the total payment has been reached.

Why is the price of the same trip can be higher depending on the period ?

During the year, there are high and low seasons. In the Philippines, the high season happens during July, August (summer vacation) and from December 20th to 30th (Christmas, New Year).

Should I expect any additional taxes when booking a flight?

No. But a tax increase linked to the exchange rate may influence the price increase of a booking.

Can I choose my seat during the booking?

Yes and no. It will depend on the airline company. If it’s not possible, you will have to do an online check-in.

If I book my ticket, does the rate stays the same?

Not necessarily. A booking is not a purchase. The price can be influenced by external circumstances: tax increase and pricing strategy form the airline company. If you want the price to be the same as the reservation, you have to purchase the plane ticket the same day as the booking.

How am I going to receive my ticket?

By email, mail or directly at the agency. Our agent will provide you with an e-ticket with the details of your trip (dates, boarding times, layovers, weight limit of your luggages etc.)

Can travellers with disabilities receive assistance?

Yes. We can make a special request of assistance for a person with disabilities to the airline company (wheelchairs…) This service is free.

Should I expect any additional cost when booking a flight?

No. There is no additional cost during the booking. Everything is included in the booking price.

Who do I reach out to for questions or in case I want to change my flight?

Please send an email to our customer service: voyage@visit-philippines. For any emergencies, please precise it on the email “object”. Or contact directly M. Boualem Fentrouci either by email or at the travel agency 01 40 50 60 61

Are there additional fees if there was a mistake on the passenger’s name and that needs to be modified?

Yes and the penalties are under the responsibility of the passenger. The additional costs depends on the airline company.

Travel Documents

What documents do I have to present to travel?
  • For French nationals, you must present a valid French passport 6 months after the return.
  • For Filipino or other citizens, you must present a valid Philippine passport 6 months after return and a valid residence permit during the trip.
I am French and I would like to go to the Philippines, do I need a VISA?

It is possible to go to the Philippines without VISA within 30 days. Beyond 30 days, you must apply to the Philippine Embassy. For more details on pricing and application procedures, please visit the Embassy website directly.

I am Filipino and would like to travel to Europe, do I need a VISA?

In the Schengen area you do not need a VISA but only a valid residence permit. Outside the Schengen area (London ..), you must apply for VISA.

I am Filipino and I want to travel outside Europe and the Philippines (USA, Canada ..)

You must compulsorily apply for VISA. We advise you to contact directly the embassy of the country of your destination for any information.

My minor child will travel to the Philippines but I can not accompany him. Can he / she travel alone safely?

Yes. When booking the flight ticket, you must obligatorily register as an unaccompanied minor. Depending on his age and the airline, a major escort will be able to assist him during the entire flight from departure to arrival. (N.B This service will or will not be billed according to the airline). In order to secure the unaccompanied minor’s journey, the parents must give the contact details (last name, first name, telephone number, address) of the person who takes him to Paris airport and who will pick him up in Manila.

My minor child will travel alone. What are travel documents to prepare?

It is necessary to mount a folder comprising:

  • A certificate of authorization from both parents leaving the territory (AST) minor.
  • A photocopy of passport of both parents or persons with parental authority attached to the file.

In the case of French couple: If the parents are divorced, in principle, the child can travel with only one of his parents without express permission of the other. But if the divorce decree contains a prohibition of exit from the territory (IST) without authorization of both parents, you must ask the police station a temporary lifting Good to know: check that the country of destination does not require the authorization of both parents, on the country sheets of the site In the case of Filipino couples, as divorce is not allowed, if one of the parents has abandoned the child, it is necessary that the non-responsible parent writes a letter proving the abandonment of the child.

I was born in France with Filipino nationality. From my 13 years, I made a request of French nationality. I want to travel to the Philippines for more than 1 month?
  • Is my Philippine passport still valid?
    • No. French nationality takes priority and your Philippine passport is no longer valid. To make it valid, you must apply for a double nationality, but this is only possible from the age of 18.
  • If I travel with my Filipino parents and for more than 1 month, do I need a VISA?
    • You do not need VISA. The Philippine embassy has developed a system “Balikbayan” that will give you a VISA valid for 1 year.
  • if I travel alone and for more than a month?
    • You must apply for VISA at the Embassy of the Philippines.

Reservations / Cancellations

Can I request a quote?
  • Typically, we do not offer any quotes (except in exceptional circumstances, period within 24 hours) because the rates are scalable depending on the availability of the airplane ticket. We only offer exclusive quotes to be seized immediately at the agency or on our website
How do I book a flight ticket?
  • You can book a ticket either at the agency or online (
    1. At the agency: the passport is mandatory for the reasons stated below:
      • Identity check
      • Correct spelling
      • Validity of the passports
    2. Online : Use your passport to fill up the booking form with your personal details. Our crew will send you an email confirmation of your booking. Any online booking requires an engagement within 72 hours through a down payment differing from the records.
When can I have my airplane ticket ?
  • Immediately after purchasing it. We advise our clients to be careful and check the details before confirming the booking (see section errors/modifications).
What is the time of validity of my booking?

From 24 hours to 72 hours.

Can I buy an airplane ticket on the site?

No. All airplane ticket purchase has to be done directly at the travel agency. See question 1 for the different payment methods.

Is there a purchasing time to confirm my booking?

Yes, it depends on the airline company. During the booking, ask your agent for the deadline to your confirmation of your booking.

If I missed the deadline, even for one day, do I still have my booking?

No. Your booking is automatically cancelled. You will have to make another online booking. In that case, we cannot guarantee the same rates neither the availability of the places for the initial planned dates.

Is the insurance included in the airplane ticket?

No. Our rates are airport tax included but without insurance. The insurance is an independent service from the airline company and the travel agency.

Can I buy an insurance from you for my flight ?

Yes, but this is not mandatory. However, we strongly advise our clients to buy an insurance in case of an incident (cancellation, sickness…). We offer an insurance “Presence” for any destination. The price depends on the length of your trip and the price of the ticket. For more details, please reach out to the agency by mail.

Is my ticket changeable or exchangeable?

Yes, but with penalties.

When can I cancel my reservation if I’m not travelling?

You have one week to cancel your airplane ticket before your departure. Mind you, there are cancellation fees and the price depends on the airline company.

Is my ticket refundable?

There are two types of airplane tickets : refundable and non refundable. During the purchase of the ticket, you can verify and ask to your agent the terms and conditions of your ticket.

If my ticket is non-refundable, can I exchange it/modify it?

It depends on the conditions of the purchase and the validity period of your airplane ticket. If the conditions allows the exchange, you can only change the dates of departure and arrival of your trip in the period of validity of the ticket.

Can I book my flight online? Is it free?

Yes, you can book your flight online and it is free ! We recommend our clients to book their flight directly online on our website : it is simple and fast. Our crew will send you an email confirmation. You can contact us by email, phone or visit the agency for any verification about details of the flight.

If I make a reservation, does it mean that I have my ticket?

No. A reservation is like an estimation of the cost. To have your ticket, you have to confirm your reservation with a payment.

How do I confirm my flight booking online?

Any confirmation has to be done with a payment which is made either by:

  • email when you get all the details of your trip (ViewTrip)
  • telephone
  • or at the agency
There is a mistake on my booking and I already confirmed my ticket. What should I do?

If there is a mistake on your personal details and/or the details of the itinerary, any change comes with an additional charge at your expense. See chapter (changes and penalties) subject to conditions.

Check-In Online

How do I check in for my flight?

Traditionally, the travel agency would do to the check in for you. But company airlines and travel agencies have developed a faster and easier way : the check in online. Please refer to the question “Check-in Online” for more details.

How to check in at the airport?

Just display your boarding pass barcode on the screen of your device at the security checkpoint and when boarding your flight, and you’re on your way. Check-in is available starting 24 hours before your scheduled departure.

Is it better to check in online or at the airport?

We would always recommend checking in online as far ahead as you can. Travellers using scheduled airlines can ask the bag-drop agent to print out the boarding pass. Most scheduled airlines have an online check-in facility which opens 24 hours in advance of the departure time

Why should I check in online?

To save time and prepare your flight simply! Checking in online is simple and can be done anywhere with all company airlines. Check your company airline’s flight website for more details.

What is the use of online check in?

Via the Internet, you can confirm your presence on a flight and typically print your own boarding passes. Depending on the carrier and the specific flight, you may also enter details such as meal options and baggage quantities and select your preferred seating.

I travel with or without luggage. Can I still register online?

If you do not have travel baggage, you can check in online, get your boarding pass and go directly to the boarding gate. If you have baggage to check, please drop off your baggage at the kiosk bag deposit before closing the check-in.

It seems difficult… How does it work?

Do not worry! Wag ka maalala! For all company airlines, there are 2 options to check in online.

  1. Through the Website
    • Just visit the website of your flight’s company airline and go to the “Check-in” section. Go to the “Check-in” section. Enter your reservation reference number or other identification details depending on the company airlines, follow the process step by step.
  2. Through the mobile app
    • Download the mobile app of your company airline of choice. Check in on your smartphone and download your boarding pass.That way, you’ll have everything at your fingertips!
I travel with or without a luggage. Can I still check in online?

If you don’t have checked baggage, you can check in online, get your boarding pass and go straight to the boarding gate. If you do have checked baggage, please drop your bags at the kiosk bag drop before check-in closes.

Can I print my boarding pass online?

With online check in you can print your boarding pass before the airport or use mobile boarding passes of your chosen company airline, so you’ll only need to use the kiosk or counter if you have luggage to check in.

Travel Well (General Information, Luggages, Travel Tips)

Who is Eliza?

“Eliza” is the name of the founder and manager of travel agency “Eliza the Wings of Travel”. In 2000, Eliza Fentrouci and her husband, Boualem Fentrouci, a Franco-Filipino couple, created the first specialized travel agency in the Philippines in Paris, in the 16th arrondissement, to offer great prices to the Philippines for everyone and especially to the Filipino community based in Paris. Click here to read the story and career of Eliza and Boualem: x

Eliza Wings of Travel and “visit-philippines” are they the same entity?

Yes! When we opened the agency in 2000, we were advised to open a domain name for our website. As “Eliza les Ailes du Voyage” is quite long, we opted for a shorter name, simple and in English to address to an international audience.

What is the benefit of purchasing a ticket in a travel agency?

Our staff of experts is here to help you ! Despite new technologies, we still valorize human contact a lot. It is our duty to make your reservation easier, to offer an assistance before and during the trip in case of emergencies and to give you the best advices for a successful trip and to offer you a preview of your upcoming trip. Here is a list of advantages when you book through a travel agency (credits to Travelling with Annabelle) The advantages:

  • Physical reception and sometimes personalized depending on the client.
  • Benefit from advices from an expert of travelling in the Philippines.
  • Benefit from personalized advices from an expert who knows the Philippines, the hotels, the attractions by his personal experience or the feedbacks of his clients.
  • Information and details on the formalities and vaccines needed.
  • Possibility to make special requests (travelling of persons with disabilities or special meals needed in the airplane).
  • Possibility to block your flight or the trip in some cases for 2/3 days if you’re not sure of the dates.
  • Secure booking and payments (with sometimes the possibility to pay multiple times if it’s a trip with the departure date above than 6 months).
  • Explanation of the different travel insurance offered.
  • Follow up of the booking before and during the trip.
  • Assistance during the tip (in case of schedule change, loss of baggages, overbooking etc.)
  • Follow up and assistance after the return of the client in case of a complaint or a dispute with the hotel or the airline company.
But isn’t it more expensive in a travel agency than online?

Not always ! It can even be less expensive than online. For example, at first low-cost tickets have attractive prices, but prices are most likely to increase because of additional luggages (the luggages are never included in the starting price of a low cost flight). See above the advantages of booking in a travel agency and below online.

Why is there a slight price difference in agency and online?

This difference is because of the list of advantages stated above and the travel agent doesn’t get any personal committee. Therefore, we valorize the quality of our commercial service to offer you a positive and unforgettable experience.

How much are the application fees online?

On the confirmation document, the total rate, taxes and application fees are indicated.

What is the benefit of booking online?

Booking online is first and foremost convenient and fast. Especially if you know how to use the webtool and to read hidden informations. Here are some advices to avoid unpleasant surprises:

  • Check the spelling of your name and surname. It has to be written just like on your identity documents. Any changes will be penalized.
  • Read the hidden indications well: application fees, prices of the baggages (not included in the starting price of a low cost flight).
  • Book early in the morning to get reasonable prices.
  • Try not to book with the same computer that you used to look at flights because although this a prohibited practice, some sites can remember your IP address and raise the prices.
      • Our website operates like a catalog or a showcase window on our different offers.

    It will give you an idea on the ticket prices but be careful, the prices shown are call prices.Finally, on the website, you can make a booking request by simply filling up the pre-booking document.Our staff will receive your booking email and will respond to you with the best offers with cost estimates before confirming the booking.

How do I look for a flight on the site?

With the help of the search airplane tool, you can select:

  • The places of departure and arrival
  • The dates of departure and arrival
How much luggage can I carry?

The number and total weight of baggage allowed in the cabin depends on your airline. Some company offers per piece or per kilogram. For example, with Saoudia Airlines, per adult and per child (from 2 years old), you can take 2 pieces of 23 kilos each. For more details on the weight limit and content rules, you can contact the travel agency directly.

How much hand luggage can I take on board?

In addition to your checked luggage, you can carry 1 personal accessory with a weight limit of 7kg, maximum dimensions of 40 x 30 x 15 cm. You can carry as you wish:

  • 1 handbag
  • or 1 satchel
  • or 1 case for a laptop, camera or other electronic device
I travel with a baby (children under 2 years old)

If your child has his own seat, he can carry the number of luggage allowed by his ticket. If he travels on your lap, you can register for him: see conditions according to the airline of your trip.

How long do I have to be at the airport before the flight?

For international flights, we advise you to arrive at the airport 3 hours before your departure time to check in.

What time do I have to be at the airport for domestic flights to the Philippines?

For domestic flights, you must be at the airport at least 90 minutes before the departure of your flight. Manila Airport (MNL) has long been at the limit of its capacity.

What do you do at the airport if you check in online?

Arrive at the airport in advance and do not forget to pack your smartphone or printed boarding passes. Do you travel with hand luggage only? Then bypass the recording and go directly to the security as usual. If you check in luggage, you can go directly to the baggage drop-off points of your airline.

Insurances, Vaccines

Is insurance included in the ticket?

No. Our rates are in tax included airports but without insurance. Insurance is an independent service of the airline and the agency.

Can I buy insurance at home for my trip?

Yes, but it is not obligatory. However, we strongly recommend our customers to buy insurance in case of incidents (cancellations, illnesses …). We offer “Presence” insurance for any destination. The price depends on the length of your stay and the price of the ticket. For more details, please contact the agency by email.

I will travel in the Philippines. What are the medical or vaccination requirements?

The vaccines are not mandatory. But we strongly advise travelers visiting the Philippines to do the needed vaccinations and to take an insurance.

Do you offer special services for people with disabilities?

Yes. We can make a special request for assistance to disabled people from the airline. (wheelchair …) This service is free.

Do you offer special services for people with disabilities?


For the Minors? Children?

No. We offer adult rate reductions between 67 and 75% only for children from 2 to 11 years old. Please contact the travel agency directly for more details.

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