• December 15th, 2021 – The Philippines’ borders are closed between December 15 and 31, 2021 to redlisted countries including France until further notice.
  • December 10th, 2021 – The Philippines’ borders are closed between December 13 and 15, 2021 to redlisted countries including France until further notice.
  • France is part of the Red List of the Philippines as “high risk” countries / jurisdictions / territories according to the IATF of the Philippines
  • The classification is effective between December 16 and 31, 2021.
  • Entry to the Philippines: Only Filipinos re-entering the country via government initiated repatriation, uninitiated repatriation by government and Bayanihan flights are allowed to enter the Philippines.
  • Find all the testing & protocols (Documents, PCR tests, quarantine) of entry from France to the Philippines on the official IAFT document
  • For all other countries, please check the complete protocols document here 
  • Following the government announcements of May 7, 2021, the conditions for returning to French territory have changed. Please find below the details of the applicable measures. For the return flight to France, passengers must perform a COVID-19 RT-PCR test within 36 hours of the flight and produce a negative result to be admitted to check-in
  • Since March 16, 2021, the Philippine government has temporarily suspended the entry of foreign nationals, following the significant increase in the number of COVID -19 cases in the Philippines. And following the modification of the “National Task Force” on March 19, 2021, we announce that ALL PHILIPPINE citizens (OFW included) are now authorized to enter the Philippine territory.


For more information and details on the cases of exemptions, please directly visit our Covid-19 FAQ >> Entry Alerts Philippines


Travel Guide


Everything you need to know to travel smart and stay safe.
What is the current situation in the Philippines ?


  • Who can travel to the Philippines? 

Only Filipinos return to the country via government initiated repatriation, uninitiated government repatriation and Bayanihan flights are allowed to enter the Philippines.

France is a country classified on the red list which means according to the IAFT “as a country / jurisdiction / territory” at high risk “.

  • What documents must be prepared for passengers travelling to the Philippines ? 

1. Fully Vaccinated Passengers

Negative RT-PCR test taken within 36 hours prior to departure from France.
● They shall be required to undergo facility-based quarantine with RT-PCR test taken on the 7th day.
● They may be discharged from the facility upon the release of a negative RT-PCR result but shall observe home quarantine until the 14th day of arrival with the day of arrival being the first day.

2. Unvaccinated, Partially Vaccinated or Vaccination Status cannot be Independently Verified Passengers

Negative RT-PCR test taken within 36 hours prior to departure from France.
● They shall be required to undergo a mandatory 10-day facility-based quarantine with RT-PCR testing on the 7th day

● They may be discharged only upon the completion of a 10-day facility-based quarantine, regardless of a negative RT-PCR result, and shall observe home quarantine until the 14th day of arrival with the date of arrival being the first day.

Sources – Official Documents


List of Countries Philippines 14 Décembre 2021 – IAFT

  • Are there flights from France to the Philippines ? 

Flights in July are 95% cancelled. Regarding the flights in August, we cannot yet decide, we have to wait for the procedures decided by the airlines and the government measures taken by each country. We are awaiting specific registrations by July 15, 2020 (French authorities, airlines, Filipino authorities). To facilitate processing and responses, please prepare copies of your invoices and tickets. In the meantime, we advise you to log on to your airline’s website (LOG IN).

  • What is the general and current situation in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic ? 

Dear passengers – customers, today, like the rest of the world, we are facing an unprecedented situation. We assure you that we are currently working in close collaboration with our partners – airlines and national and international authorities. The state of emergency and the protective measures taken by the various countries against COVID-19 require airlines to temporarily suspend flights to many countries in order to limit the spread of the coronavirus until further notice. Stay informed daily and Consult the latest travel information and advice from the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the French Embassy in the Philippines and the World Health Organization.

  • Is the travel agency closed? 

No. The he agency has been officially open since mid-September in partial activity. We are open Tuesday to Friday from 9:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m., Saturday from 9:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. We remain closed on Sundays and Mondays. We are reachable via telephone (01 40 50 60 61) and email ( For the health, safety and well-being of our customers and employees, we have implemented health measures: compulsory mask within the agency, agency limited to 5 people maximum, temperature measurement, form to be completed. We appeal to your cooperation and patience.

  • Return Flights from the Philippines to France? 

Some airlines operate but flights and flight plans remain unstable. You should regularly check your airline website (NAIA airport link)

I'd like to rebook my flight ticket
  •  I am in the Philippines, I would like to change my date of return to France?

As part of the covid. 19 solutions are available to you. OTHERWISE out of covid. 19
For a modification, respect at least 2 days before your flight (beware of non-working days and holidays)
Contact your agency or the airline
We will check the VALIDITY of the ticket and check the general solutions there are ufi modification fees AMOUNT of penalties.

  • I booked a flight with X airline company (Cathay Pacifc, Kuwait Airways ..) I would like to modify flights or get a refund

As part of the covid. 19 solutions are available to you.

The modification and reimbursement conditions are updated daily by the airlines.
The last one will be applicable and will erase all the previous ones.
What is the reason for your request for a change or refund?
The MODIFICATION and REFUND conditions are 2 different THINGS.
Once chosen, YOUR DECISION will be final and irreversible.
In general, in a case of change, it will be necessary to settle penalties more can be a difference in tariff.
For a refund either the ticket is NON-REFUNDABLE or it is and then penalties will be deducted.

  • My plane ticket is already issued, if the flight is not maintained, is my ticket reusable next year?

You have to check if there is already a procedure otherwise you will have to wait for the publication of the new company procedure and then apply it.

  • I already had a ticket in july, can i change it with another airlines?

No, there is no agreement between the companies. they remain independent and concurrent. you will first have to request a refund for your ticket but above all check the penalties and also check the new price with the new company and also the future change conditions again

I'd like a refund or cancel a flight
  • I’d like to make a refund of my plane ticket

In case of a refund request, first, we will have to verify the travel period and the date of purchase if it occurred before COVID-19. 

All airline companies has their own refund processes and conditions. Some is instant some are different and takes longer time with an voucher compensation.

However, all tickets are waived of penalty still travel agency fees remain non refundable.

Secondly, all request made on private Facebook messenger or private conversations either online or by phone with our travel agents will be considerate as valid for refund/cancellation procedures. For all request, send an email to with the following documents attached :

  1. a copy of your plane ticket
  2. a copy of invoice
  3. RIB bank account

We have received a large increase in refund requests as a result of the coronavirus outbreak. We will reply to every requests made by email in a reasonable time from 48 to 72 hours. We apologize for any delays and thank you for your patience during this busy period.

  • Why does my refund is only this amount, even though the airline company is the one who has cancelled the flight?

Before processing any refund, your travel agency always specifies in details the conditions and the exact amount of refund.

We ask our passengers – clients to send a written letter approval on the refundable amount.

Once refund is processed, the decision of the clients is considered as definitive.

The client must ask for explanations before processing any refund.

Airline compagnies are also submitted to collateral damages.

For any refund request, please send an email to with

  1. original invoice
  2. refund avoir
  3. summaries the situation of cancellations and refund.

We will reply within 48 to 72 hours with a quotation and detailed conditions of the ticket.


  • Is my flight ticket refundable?

In this situation of COVID-19 pandemic, there are 2 political processes amongst airline companies

  1. Group of airline compagnies that refund at once all tickets without penalty excluding travel agency fees
  2. Group of airline compagnies that offers an equivalent voucher open for 1 or 2 yers. Finally refundable after 12 months.

In order to know in which case you are, kindly verify with your travel agency what are the future conditions of re-used tickets .

Also, we observed that the refund process is constantly updated – there is an evolution leading to the fact that every latest process replace and cancel the previous one.

  • I’d like to cancel my plane ticket

All passengers is free to decide for his/her own travel. If you’d like to cancel your place ticket, we will have to verify if your period of travel is impacted by the COVID-19 situation.

As it is a voluntary cancellation, you must confirm your decision by written approval in which you specify your decision of cancellation with

  1. refund
  2. or cancellation for a new flight later
  3. or cancel for voucher

In all cases, prepare documents below :

  1. your plane ticket
  2. invoice
  3. and bank accounts (RIB)
  • My flight has been cancelled, what to do ?

Always prepare your travel before your flight, log in to your airline company’s website.

Verify if the airline counter is open at the airport

Most airlines are rarely offering a protection with an alternative airline free at once.

  • Others, refunds 50% at once of the un-used ticket
  • Others, refunds 75% of the unused ticket within 3 months
  • Others airlines give and exchange voucher value of return ticket valid for one year exclusively on their airlines.

In order to know which cases apply to your situation, kindly send us an email to with the following documents attached :

  1. copy of airplane ticket
  2. and invoice
I'd like to organize my next trip

Do you have to travel in the coming days? Discover some useful information below.

Travel safe

Protect your health and the health of others by washing your hands regularly, staying home if you feel sick, and covering your mouth and nose with your elbow bent if you cough or sneeze.

Stay informed

The COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic could have an impact on your trip. Look out for specific warnings on our site for certain destinations.

Check entry restrictions

The Philippines have implemented new border restriction measures due to COVID-19. Make sure you meet the entry requirements before booking.

All overseas Filipinos can enter the Philippines during the pandemic. This has been the standing rule since travel restrictions were first implemented in mid-March and remain in place today.

For Filipinos to enter the Philippines, citizens will need either of the following:

  • Valid Philippine passport
  • Valid (one-way) travel document which is issued in emergency cases (such as when a passport is lost)

I am a Foreigner, can I travel to the Philippines ? 

“The entry of foreign tourists, non-immigrant visa holders, and other categories of aliens are still prohibited. They will be turned back if they land in any of our ports of entry,” BI Commissioner Jaime Morente said in a statement.

Entry restrictions to the Philippines are currently in place and issuance of visas at the Embassy is temporarily suspended. Likewise, visa-free privileges are temporarily suspended. Only spouses and children of Filipino nationals, foreign airlines crew, and officials of foreign government and international organizations accredited to the Philippines are exempted from this temporary suspension. The Embassy has no information on the lifting of the travel ban. Kindly visit the Embassy’s website at for future announcement.


Find out more about the measures taken for all Entries in the Philippines Territory 



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