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Sea Cargo Services

Our Cargo Services

25 years of Professional experience of Shipping Boxes as a secondary & complementary activity from Paris, France to the Philippines

Sea Cargo

Check schedule of next shipments and plan ahead your delivery of Balikbayan boxes!

Sea Cargo

All our Balikbayan cardboard export rates from Paris to the Philippines according to geographic areas.

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What and how much?

Our Box One Size Only (Large)

Dimensions Balikbayan Box Carton

*If broken items, No Insurance. We suggest to use Woodcraft packing for Fragile Items


1 BOX = 10€*

*10€ deposit deductable except for Air Cargo

Where is my box?
Pick-Up DatesETDETAShip StatusClearance ProcessDelivery Report
FEB 15 & 22MAR 02+50 DETA APR 15Arrived and clearedDone
MARCH 14 & 21MAR 30+50 DETA MAY 15Arrived and clearedDone
APRIL 04 & 11APR 15+50 DETA MAY 30Arrived and clearedDone
APRIL 18 & 25APR 30+50 DETA JUNE 15Arrived and clearedDone
MAY 16 & 23MAY 31+50 DETA JULY 15Arrived and clearedDone
JUNE 20 & 27JUNE 30+50 DETA AUGUST 15Arrived and clearedDone
JULY 11 & 18JULY 22+50 DETA AUG 31 


Arrived and clearedDone
SEPT 19 & 2630 SEPT+50 DETA NOV 15Arrived and clearedDone
OCT 03 & 1015 OCT+50 DETA NOV 30Arrived and clearedDone
OCT 17 & 1830 OCT+50 DETA DEC 15Arrived and clearedOn going
OCT 23 & 2405 NOV+50 DETA DEC 30Delayed / Move to January 23
NOV 7 & 1420 NOV+50 DETA DEC 30Delayed / Move to January 23
NOV 21 & 2825 DEC+50 DETA JAN 30On Sea
DEC 05 & 1225 DEC+50 DETA JAN 30On Sea
JAN 23 & 3005 FEB+50 DETA MARCH 15, 2021On Preparation

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