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Travel Guide Siargao PART 1 – The Essentials

Travel Guide Siargao PART 1 – The Essentials

Heyo it’s Léah with an H!

So do you plan to go to the Philippines, and think about visiting the island of Siargao ?

I am writing a full complete travel guide about Siargao! In the meanwhile, here is the part 1 with the essentials! Hope you’ll enjoy it! Also, follow me on Youtube, Instagram and Facebook  to support and for more good vibes #LeahTravels! To book your plane tickets, just click here! And if you have any questions, leave a comment at the bottom of the article!


What to know about Siargao? 

Ranked as the number #1 island in the world, Siargao is the PARADISE for surfers and non-surfers! Yes, this island offers much more than surfing!

Siargao was once known as a surf hotspot where thrill seekers from around the world came together to surf what is ranked the 8th best wave in the world. But in recent years, people have really opened their eyes – not just to surfing – but to the magnificent 48 islands and islets that make up Siargao. It is quite simply an adventure zone waiting to be discovered. Between the magnificent lagoons, the white sand beaches, the tropical landscapes with its thousands of palm trees, the enchanted rivers and especially the locals, you will understand why this island is the best in Asia.

How to get there? 

Getting to Siargao is simple #eazybreezy! From Manila, many local companies will take you to the island in less than 3 hours (direct flights)! Info: Siargao airport being small, the planes are narrow so for those who fear this kind of plane like my father and I .. take a sleeping pill before take off!

  • ✈️ By plane: The best known airlines offer direct flights to Siargao such as SkyJet, Cebu Pacific, Philippines Airlines, Air Asia.

From Manila: direct flights in 2hours and 30minutes or with stopover 3h30

From Cebu City: During my first trip, I had just explored the island of Cebu so I took my plane to Siargao from Cebu City; I took a domestic flight with CebGo – Low cost airline partner branch of Cebu Pacific

From Clark: On my second trip, I was already in Manila. However, we couldn’t find affordable place tickets from Manila to Siargao – too last minute and too expensive – so we opted for a plan B! Take a flight from Clark, Pampanga! For this, we took the road from Manila to Clark by car (2 hours from Manila without traffic). You can either book a private van as we did or a cheaper way, a Premium Point to Point bus.

  • 🛥️ By ferry: From Cebu then Surigao and finally Dapa (Siargao).

Once you land at Siargao Airport, many vans will be waiting to take you to your destination. It is 300 pesos per person – fixed price for all established by the cooperative of Siargao. Once in the van, you’ll get on a pretty long ride and will realize that Siargao is actually a huge island.  Most visitors stay at General Luna. I strongly recommend that you book your accommodation there because everything happens there! In addition, G. Otherwise if you want a little more peace, towards Malinao or Pacifico.

Siargao is a big island on which General Luna is the liveliest city because everything happens there! The city of General Luna is quite large and getting from point A to point B can be time consuming if you are walking. You can take a tricycle (20 to 100 pesos depending on the distance) in town but I strongly recommend that you rent a motorbike for your entire stay. (between 300 and 400pesos the rental for 24 hours).


Where to go?


To explore the whole island, it would take at least 1 whole month! But this is because I know that many of you stay in the Philippines for a short period of 14-15 days maximum, I have prepared a list of essential activities and places to do during your visit! Doable in 4 to 7 days!

How long should I stay there?

To maximize your stay, I recommend staying for 4 days, I have selected the must-go-to-visit places in red!

Island tour

#1 – The Sea and Road of Coconuts 

#2 – The Maasin River and its famous swing 

#3 – Magpupungko Rocks

#4 – Visit Pacifico

#5 – Visit the abandoned LightHouse (not yet visited)

#6 – Visit Malinao and its Secret beach

#7 – Visit the Tak Tak Falls (not yet visited)


Boat Island Hopping tour

#8 – Naked Island 

#9 – Daku Island 

#10 – Guyam Island 

#11 – Corregidor Island (not yet visited)

#12 – Mamon Island (not yet visited)

#13 – Sugba Lagoon 

#14 – Sohoton Cove


Other & Nightlife

#15 – Surf & sunsets Cloud 9 

#16- Day pool & night party


What to bring?

  • Cream against mosquitoes – OFF lotion, patch
  • Emergency SOS pharmacy – band aids, alcohol, pills (flu, diarrhea)
  • Cameras, with charger
  • Powerbank (that are charged!)
  • Water bottle reusable (no plastic is allowed)
  • Sunscreen (you don’t want to get sunburnt)
  • Go Pro with waterproof protection
  • Good vibes!!

Upcoming articles  – Stay tuned!

  1. Where to stay in Siargao? (coming soon)
  2. FOOD GUIDE à Siargao – The best restaurants/café of the island (coming soon)Thanks for reading!


🍍 Léah with an H


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