Philippine transportation, accommodation and cuisine


Philippine transportation, accommodation and cuisine

For your next vacation, you have decided to stay in the Philippines. Good idea ! Indeed, this Southeast Asian country offers a wide choice of stays: the most beautiful white sand beaches, the unmissable volcanoes, the valleys, the National Park … But you need the main basic information about Philippine transportation accommodation and cuisine ! Here you go 🙂

Enjoy relaxation during your getaways in the Philippines!

Moreover, this archipelago of islands and islets contain the most beautiful landscapes in the world. Thus, you can discover the famous island of Palawan or the astonishing rice terraces of the North.

Also, you should think about planning your trip to the Philippines a few months in advance. Indeed, you must book your accommodation, study the different means of transport. Finally, you can get a little idea of the traditional cuisine before you start your trip.

The different means of transport in the Philippines

First of all, you should know that transport in the Philippines is slow. So you need to plan your trip accordingly.

Besides, you will have to take minibuses, boats or even planes. That said, you still have to take into account the delay, which is an annoying fad all over the archipelago.

Also, it would be a good idea to focus on a few islands instead of going all over the country.

In short, minibuses or Jeepneys in large cities, such as Palawan, work partially well. On the other hand, normal buses seem to be more comfortable than minibuses.

Likewise, boats, the main means of transport, are more frequent to navigate between the islands. However, if you are seasick you should take anti nausea medication. In addition, you should remember to book your boat tickets as early as possible. Indeed, you could find the boats full during school periods, weekends or public holidays.

On the other hand, you can opt for internal flights to chain islands faster. Here too, you should remember to book your plane ticket, even though flights may be canceled if it rains.

Finally, you can discover the famous tuk-tuk or tricycles for short trips, or rent a scooter. Indeed, it is a good way to enjoy a stopover in the middle of nature or to discover the trails of the excursions …

Accommodation in the Philippines

At first glance, you shouldn’t expect great comfort unless you pay a price. Indeed, you can find decent vacation rentals at € 30 per night. However, you can still choose an all-inclusive stay at a hotel restaurant or resort just like a seaside chalet.

For adventurous thrill seekers, there are guest rooms, half-board inns, lodges, hotels and resorts …

In fact, it is highly recommended to discover the Imagine Bohol maisonettes, located on the island of Bohol. Indeed, these unusual accommodations are rented to accommodate tourists during a short stay.

In addition, you can always get information from the tourist office for a long stay, about residences, chalets, villas …

Finally, you can choose to go on a cruise to discover the wonders of the turquoise water.

Discovering Filipino Cuisine

In addition to tourist attractions, the Philippines is characterized by a gastronomy based on meat, even for breakfast. Indeed, you can treat yourself with sausage accompanied by rice, fries or chips.

However, Filipino cuisine offers dishes that are rarely spicy or seasoned. It also has a multitude of fruits, especially mango

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