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Girls can travel alone! Some tips and why you should start too!

Girls can travel alone! Some tips and why you should start too!

“It is dangerous”, “Girls shouldn’t travel alone”, “You act like a boy”, “Why don’t you stay home”

But why?

I’ve always heard those words growing up from my family – mostly because they simply care. And I love them for that and appreciate their concerns but somehow,  it is not helping me to grow as a human being. My instinct has always pushed to leave and explore the world and one of the best experiences was when I first travelled alone in New Orleans, USA. Here are 5 reasons why you should travel alone and some tips!

#1 – You discover yourself

When you travel alone, you face yourself. You have to make your own decisions, follow your instinct and learn what you actually love or not. When you are in a viewpoint, ^ut your phone away or cut your network, sit down, enjoy the view and meditate.

#2 – You learn to be responsible & confident

The key to a safe and successful alone trip is PREPARATION. Before leaving your safe house, make a list of the essential medical kits, don’t forget the MUST-TRAVEL ITEMS (chargers, power band, passport, money). Bye bye papa, mama, now you can only count on yourself. So always be aware and focus. Little by little,
you will become more confident on your decisions making. My father tip: separate your money in different places in your backpack or luggage just in case someone steal from you, at least you still have some money!

#3 – Get out of your comfort zone and grow!

Well the title says it all fellas 😉

#4 – Scared of being alone? No! You’ll make tons of new friends!

Paradoxically, you won’t feel alone AT ALL. Actually, I’ve met more people and made more friends by travelling alone than with my family or group of friends. As you travel alone, you have to develop some social skills to ask for directions, to socialize and meet locals; And the best way to visit a city is with locals! So my tip is to pick hostels as accommodations because there you will meet young travellers and maybe solo ones with whom you can travel with for a day or two! And who knows… meet a special someone? HA HA

# 5 – More freedom & independence

Obviously! However, if you come from a Filipino family, I know it’s not that easyAs a single child and a girl, I had a hard time convincing my parents to let me travel. One of their secret concerns was – I think – that I would abandon them if they gave me too much “freedom”. But over time and using the right words, I managed to make them understand that traveling and taking a little distance with the family was not a way to escape them permanently but rather a better way to get back to them.


So what you are waiting for? Plan your solo travel and enjoy the ride!


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