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Chasing waterfalls in South Cebu

Chasing waterfalls in South Cebu

“Don’t go chase the waterfalls…🎵”

This is the music lyrics that describes the perfect hunting day of waterfalls, right?! So in this article, I will bring you to the South of Cebu, an island of unique and beautiful waterfalls & natural pools.

One of the most beautiful and famous are the KAWASAN FALLS!

Although it is very touristic, it is a must-see! To fully enjoy it, I advise you to get up very early to be around 6:00 am; that way you will avoid the arrival of the mass of people and therefore be able to take your  #INSTAGRAMGOALS photos

The particularity of the waterfalls of Cebu is that there are many waterfalls in one in a place! For example, the Kawasan falls have 13 floors and you can explore them 1 by 1 by doing  the Canyoneering! The flagship activity of Kawasan Falls!

What is Canyoneering? In small groups, you will climb and jump into different levels of waterfalls! No worries, lifejackets and helmets are mandatory to wear because SAFETY IS FASHION you (PS: do not take your go-pro AT RISK of losing it)

After spending the morning in the Kawasan Falls, you still have the whole afternoon to explore the rest of the island and chase all the other and hidden wild waterfalls that are as beautiful as the Kawasan Falls.

The best way? Rent a scooter and feel free to stop whenever you pass by a waterfall entrance!
Here is a quick list! Will update it once I will visit them!

  • Tumalog Falls
  • Cambais Falls (my personal favorite discovery ❤️)
  • Dao Falls

Written by Léah with an H
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