La Union

Mabuhay Pilipinas!

La Union is one of the best-known surfing spots in the Philippines attracting local and worldwide surfers; amongst them, the famous Luke Landrigan. Many of them have even decided to leave the city to move there and live their passion leading to open businesses a few steps from the water such as resorts, “hipster” coffee shops, hostels and more.

Since, La Union has offered both a chill and very festive ambiance only few hours from the capital, Manila. The beach that has so long been sought by surfers from all around the world, now attracts more and more local youngsters who seek for a place to escape for a road trip with friends, good food and parties.

But let’s not forget that La Union that was once a sleepy town, is really meant to be a surf town where a community of the young and old, eyeing for what they know best, have a good time in the water and catching the waves.

Best time to travel?

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A 2-3 day trip
All year long except from July to September (Rain seasons)
or April-May (very hot)
Best period: February

They are some general estimates, but we do not guarantee them. Keep one on the typhoon and weather forecast websites.


Cost of life

For a budget “road-trip with friends”:
Hostel: PHP800/night (<$15) Surfboard rentals: PHP200 Surf classes with a private instructor: P400/hour (<$7) Paddle board rent: P400/hour (<$7) Local restaurants depending on your order : between P150 & P500 ($2.50 - $10)

where to stay?

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What and where to eat?

  1. BBQs at L.U BBQ
  2. Burgers at Mad Monkeys
  3. Coffee break at Clean Beach or El Union Coffee
  4. A healthy snack at Makai bowls
  5. A local delicacy: the Sabong Fried Chicken 📸 @msyoniverse
  6. To have a drink, meet new people and party: Flotsam and jetsam
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Top attractions

Burgers at
Mad Monkeys

A local delicacy
Sabong Fried Chicken

Eat grilled BBQ at

Beach & Surf

Discover the
Tangandan Falls

Trekking to the
Tangandan Falls

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