Mabuhay Pilipinas!

For any first time traveller in the Philippines, Bohol is always a must-place to visit as this bountiful province of Visayas is a condensed version of the country.
Bohol is known for its coral reefs and unusual geological formations. Dive into the colorful underwater & be mesmerized by the famous Sprawling Chocolate Hills.
Spoiler alert: they are not really made of Chocolate…
In Bohol, you can also find the smallest monkey called the ‘Tarsier’. Locals call it ‘mamag’! But be careful, they are very sensitive creatures. Do not touch them or else, they would give themselves death…

So, whether you are looking to get a tan at white sand beaches, to simply indulge on a relaxing river cruise, or conquer thrilling adventures, don’t hesitate to put Bohol on your travel list!

Best time to travel?

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Nov-April: Northeast Moonsoon, short rains and sunny days
May July – Hottest time with high humidity
Aug – Oct: Southwest Monsoon with mix of sunny & rainy days

Below are some general estimates, but we do not guarantee them. Keep an eye on the typhoon and weather forecast websites.


Cost of life

Airbnb: approx 30$ / night
Restaurant pour 2 people : approx. 20$
Transportation in city : approx. 5-10$

where to stay?

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What and where to eat?

  1. Taste the “Chicken halang halang” at the Saffron restaurant at Amorita resort
  2. Eat local seafood at Casa Amigan
  3. Try the ice cream at the Gelateria Milano in Tagbilaran City
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Top attractions

The Chocolate Hills

Enjoy the beach in the
north at Panglao

Meet the famous Tarsier

Jump and swim in the
Hinagdanan Cave

Stop by the
Baclayon Church

Get adventurous at the Adventure park

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