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Since 2000, on the last week-end of July, we organize a yearly week-end getaway in the south of France:Lourdes, Irun and Biarritz. It is a very friendly-family tour as we prepare delicious home-made meals prepare by tita Liza, play games in the bus and have fun memorable times together.

As we hit off the road with the bus, we first stop in Lourdes, in the South of France. It is known for its Roman Catholic shrine where Our Lady of Lourdes (Feast: Feb. 11) is believed to have repeatedly appeared (1858) to St. Bernadette. Thus, millions of peoplerom Europe and other parts of the world to make the pilgrimage drawn by their faith in the miraculous cures attributed to the waters of the shrine.

On the next day, we take the early road to Irun located on the French/Spanish boarders to make some grocery shoppings. There, our travellers enjoy the cheap prices of soap, candies, chocolate and beverages. Finally, we spend a relaxing afternoon at the beach of Biarritz, known for its surf spots! Ladies don’t forget to bring your bikini!

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Our Itinerary

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    The Sanctuary of Our Lady of Lourdes

    Discover the majestic Sanctuary of Our Lady of Lourdes.

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    The Holy Water

    Amongst the millions of visitors visiting Lourdes, there are thousands of ill or disabled people who pray and visit the pool as they put their faith in the miraculous cures attributed to the waters of the shrine.

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    The miraculous apparition of our Lady of Lourdes

    It is in this cave precisely that Our Lady of Lourdes appeared miraculously in front of the eyes of Saint Bernadette. Thus, visitors line up to pray and touch the cave’s water and rock in the faith that their prayers will be heard.

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    Irun Markets

    Quick-stop at the markets and groceries of Irun, a city located on the boarder of Spain & France. Enjoy exclusive prices of everyday products!

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    Chill at the beach of Biarritz

    Spend a relaxing afternoon at the beach of Biarritz! Beware of the strong waves and the near rocks. Be cautious and follow the instructions of the local lifeguards. If too crowded, you can still walk around and enjoy the view on the sea or give yourself some luck at the Casino!

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Terms & Conditions

All passports should be valid 6 months before and after the date of departure.

Please ensure that names are exactly as stated in the relevant passport when booking. (last name, first name, date of birth, date of issue, date of expiration etc…)

For PHILIPPINE PASSPORT HOLDERS, depending on the destination, they must apply for a VISA and/or provide a Resident Permit valid 6 months after and before the date of departure.

50% deposit per pax upon approval of the VISA will be applied and is non-refundable.

Full cancellation charges will be applied to any cancellation made 2 weeks before departure date.

Minimum 15 ADULTS must travel as a group to run this tour, otherwise we will provide a new rate based on the current running number of people.

Travel insurance comes with an additional charge; the rate will depend on the insurance company and the tour.

Itinerary is subject to change due to local conditions.

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