With the help of the search airplane tool, you can select:

  • The places of departure and arrival
  • The dates of departure and arrival

Booking online is first and foremost convenient and fast. Especially if you know how to use the webtool and to read hidden informations. Here are some advices to avoid unpleasant surprises:

  • Check the spelling of your name and surname. It has to be written just like on your identity documents. Any changes will be penalized.
  • Read the hidden indications well: application fees, prices of the baggages (not included in the starting price of a low cost flight).
  • Book early in the morning to get reasonable prices.
  • Try not to book with the same computer that you used to look at flights because although this a prohibited practice, some sites can remember your IP address and raise the prices.
    • Our website operates like a catalog or a showcase window on our different offers. It will give you an idea on the ticket prices but be careful, the prices shown are call prices.
      Finally, on the website, you can make a booking request by simply filling up the pre-booking document. Our staff will receive your booking email and will respond to you with the best offers with cost estimates before confirming the booking.

On the confirmation document, the total rate, taxes and application fees are indicated.

This difference is because of the list of advantages stated above and the travel agent doesn’t get any personal committee. Therefore, we valorize the quality of our commercial service to offer you a positive and unforgettable experience.

Not always ! It can even be less expensive than online. For example, at first low-cost tickets have attractive prices, but prices are most likely to increase because of additional luggages (the luggages are never included in the starting price of a low cost flight). See above the advantages of booking in a travel agency and below online.

Our staff of experts is here to help you ! Despite new technologies, we still valorize human contact a lot. It is our duty to make your reservation easier, to offer an assistance before and during the trip in case of emergencies and to give you the best advices for a successful trip and to offer you a preview of your upcoming trip. Here is a list of advantages when you book through a travel agency (credits to Travelling with Annabelle)
The advantages:

  • Physical reception and sometimes personalized depending on the client.
  • Benefit from advices from an expert of travelling in the Philippines.
  • Benefit from personalized advices from an expert who knows the Philippines, the hotels, the attractions by his personal experience or the feedbacks of his clients.
  • Information and details on the formalities and vaccines needed.
  • Possibility to make special requests (travelling of persons with disabilities or special meals needed in the airplane).
  • Possibility to block your flight or the trip in some cases for 2/3 days if you’re not sure of the dates.
  • Secure booking and payments (with sometimes the possibility to pay multiple times if it’s a trip with the departure date above than 6 months).
  • Explanation of the different travel insurance offered.
  • Follow up of the booking before and during the trip.
  • Assistance during the tip (in case of schedule change, loss of baggages, overbooking etc.)
  • Follow up and assistance after the return of the client in case of a complaint or a dispute with the hotel or the airline company.

Yes! When we opened the agency in 2000, we were advised to open a domain name for our website. As “Eliza les Ailes du Voyage” is quite long, we opted for a shorter name, simple and in English to address to an international audience.

“Eliza” is the name of the founder and manager of travel agency “Eliza the Wings of Travel”. In 2000, Eliza Fentrouci and her husband, Boualem Fentrouci, a Franco-Filipino couple, created the first specialized travel agency in the Philippines in Paris, in the 16th arrondissement, to offer great prices to the Philippines for everyone and especially to the Filipino community based in Paris.
Click here to read the story and career of Eliza and Boualem: x