Yes and the penalties are under the responsibility of the passenger. The additional costs depends on the airline company.

Yes. We can make a special request of assistance for a person with disabilities to the airline company (wheelchairs…) This service is free.

Yes and no. It will depend on the airline company. If it’s not possible, you will have to do an online check-in.

Please send an email to our customer service: voyage@visit-philippines. For any emergencies, please precise it on the email “object”. Or contact directly M. Boualem Fentrouci either by email or at the travel agency 01 40 50 60 61

By email, mail or directly at the agency. Our agent will provide you with an e-ticket with the details of your trip (dates, boarding times, layovers, weight limit of your luggages etc.)

No. But a tax increase linked to the exchange rate may influence the price increase of a booking.

No. There is no additional cost during the booking. Everything is included in the booking price.

Not necessarily. A booking is not a purchase. The price can be influenced by external circumstances: tax increase and pricing strategy form the airline company.
If you want the price to be the same as the reservation, you have to purchase the plane ticket the same day as the booking.

During the year, there are high and low seasons. In the Philippines, the high season happens during July, August (summer vacation) and from December 20th to 30th (Christmas, New Year).