If there is a mistake on your personal details and/or the details of the itinerary, any change comes with an additional charge at your expense.
See chapter (changes and penalties) subject to conditions.

Any confirmation has to be done with a payment which is made either by:

  • email when you get all the details of your trip (ViewTrip)
  • telephone
  • or at the agency

No. A reservation is like an estimation of the cost. To have your ticket, you have to confirm your reservation with a payment.

Yes, you can book your flight online and it is free ! We recommend our clients to book their flight directly online on our website : it is simple and fast. Our crew will send you an email confirmation. You can contact us by email, phone or visit the agency for any verification about details of the flight.

It depends on the conditions of the purchase and the validity period of your airplane ticket. If the conditions allows the exchange, you can only change the dates of departure and arrival of your trip in the period of validity of the ticket.

There are two types of airplane tickets : refundable and non refundable. During the purchase of the ticket, you can verify and ask to your agent the terms and conditions of your ticket.

You have one week to cancel your airplane ticket before your departure. Mind you, there are cancellation fees and the price depends on the airline company.

Yes, but with penalties.