What is the benefit of purchasing a ticket in a travel agency?

Our staff of experts is here to help you ! Despite new technologies, we still valorize human contact a lot. It is our duty to make your reservation easier, to offer an assistance before and during the trip in case of emergencies and to give you the best advices for a successful trip and to offer you a preview of your upcoming trip. Here is a list of advantages when you book through a travel agency (credits to Travelling with Annabelle)
The advantages:

  • Physical reception and sometimes personalized depending on the client.
  • Benefit from advices from an expert of travelling in the Philippines.
  • Benefit from personalized advices from an expert who knows the Philippines, the hotels, the attractions by his personal experience or the feedbacks of his clients.
  • Information and details on the formalities and vaccines needed.
  • Possibility to make special requests (travelling of persons with disabilities or special meals needed in the airplane).
  • Possibility to block your flight or the trip in some cases for 2/3 days if you’re not sure of the dates.
  • Secure booking and payments (with sometimes the possibility to pay multiple times if it’s a trip with the departure date above than 6 months).
  • Explanation of the different travel insurance offered.
  • Follow up of the booking before and during the trip.
  • Assistance during the tip (in case of schedule change, loss of baggages, overbooking etc.)
  • Follow up and assistance after the return of the client in case of a complaint or a dispute with the hotel or the airline company.

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