My minor child will travel alone. What are travel documents to prepare?

It is necessary to mount a folder comprising:

  • A certificate of authorization from both parents leaving the territory (AST) minor.
  • A photocopy of passport of both parents or persons with parental authority attached to the file.

In the case of French couple: If the parents are divorced, in principle, the child can travel with only one of his parents without express permission of the other. But if the divorce decree contains a prohibition of exit from the territory (IST) without authorization of both parents, you must ask the police station a temporary lifting
Good to know: check that the country of destination does not require the authorization of both parents, on the country sheets of the site
In the case of Filipino couples, as divorce is not allowed, if one of the parents has abandoned the child, it is necessary that the non-responsible parent writes a letter proving the abandonment of the child.

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