Summer is finally out and you can’t wait to be on vacation!

  • Picking your summer destination. DONE !
  • Booking your airplane ticket – at your favorite travel agency 😉. DONE !

Now it’s time to get ready for the airport!  Despite the excitement, you cannot hide your worry about the crowd, the luggage to check in, the long line to get your boarding pass..!

Well, I, Léah with an H, will share with you my travel tips to make your pre-summer vacation peaceful! My secret? Preparation and new tools: the Internet!

In this article, in collaboration with Cathay Pacific, we will guide you on How To Check-In Online ! It is FREE, EASY & FAST.

Why Check-in Online? The benefits are multiple and here are the main ones

  • avoid the long lines at the check-in office
  • gain time
  • choose your favorite seat in advance
  • eco-friendly: no more paper boarding pass, just a QR code with your smartphone!

When to Check-in Online?

48 hours to 90 minutes before your departure (for free)


Open your browser (ex: Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari..) and get on your airline company’s website (ex: If you already have a member account, log in by clicking on Log In. If not, just click on the button “Check-In Oline” or “Find a booking”


If you are logged in: Click on “REGISTRATION ONLINE” and in the “Find My Booking” section, enter your personal information

– Last name and first names (please double check the spelling! No error)

– Reservation Reference Number or E-TICKET Number

If not, click on “Check-In Online” and enter the same credentials to connect and identify your booking




This is my favorite part! We all have our favorite seats or at least, a seat that we don’t want… No more surprise! The advantage of check-in online is that you can choose in advance your favorite seat!

However, notice that there are different options: free seats and preferential seats with additional fees.

  • Choose your seat according to the availability (see plan of plane) or you must choose to buy your seat, or to be given a free seat at random (if your flight takes place within 4 days)
  • Once you have selected an option, you will see your avatar on the selected select, select continue to pay your seats or retrieve your boarding pass.


Next, follow the steps (security, luggage restrictions …) and confirm your online registration. Your boarding ticket will be sent to you either by phone (QR code) or by mail (document to print)


If you don’t plan to print, make sure to have enough battery on your smartphone (take a powerbank with you) when you’ll present your online boarding pass at the gate.

If you have not had the time to register online at home, you can always head to one of the automatic check-in machines at the airport. These terminals are free and make you avoid queuing. Bring your passport and / or reference number / e-ticket number and follow the steps. Please note that online check-in is possible 90 minutes before your flight.

Finally, once check-in online is finalised, once at the airport, instead of going at the check-in line you can directly go to the luggage line to drop yours!

Thank you for reading.

Good luck & bon voyage!

Here is a sum up to share to your family and friends!

Written by HeyoLeah

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In collaboration with Cathay Pacific

Heyo! This is Léah with an H and I am so happy that you are reading this article because it means that you are considering to visit soon my motherland.. the Philippines!

But you are lost between the opposing opinions: one advises you to travel this month but the other one doesn’t for meteorological reasons – So here you are, confused and perplexed, very hesitant to buy your tickets on those dates because above all it is a long journey (+10 000km from Paris), a budget and of course you want to enjoy your first trip to the Philippines in the best possible conditions!

No worries you are at the right place because not only I am half Filipino/Algerian born in Paris, France but I’ve travelled in the Philippines every single year since I am 5 years old and I lived there for almost a year, so let’s say that I really know the Philippines and that you can trust me, my friend!

Now, in order to help you prepare your next vacation, I am going to share with you all my travel tips and all the basic information about the best time to visit the Philippines!

I will talk about the weather, the hotel rates depending on the seasons and when to book cheap flights with our travel agency Visit-Philippines. So basically everything you need to know to make your first travel in the Philippines worth it and memorable!

Okay now let’s go!

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Perfect weather in Dumaguete – Manjuyod Sand Bar on March 2019!

How’s the weather in the Philippines?


First of all, weather in the Philippines is not that simple!

4 climate zones & 2 seasons: The Philippines has four distinct climate zone. Globally, it is a tropical climate that is for the most part hot and humid year-round, but can be roughly divided into a dry season and rainy season.

And, depending on which area you are, the climate will be drastically different! For instance, in Baguio City in North Luzon, the coldest city of the Philippines (10° to 20°)  –  you need to wear a jacket or even gloves whereas in Siargao, few kilometres away, it is warm and hot (25° to +30°)!

So in overall, the weather in the Philippines is not the same everywhere and throughout the year! 

Now, because I care about you and your next vacation, I made a personalised calendar for each destination I visited throughout the year. You are welcome! You can check them out when you click on the destinations 🙂 For example: For Cebu City, on the weather section, you’ll the weather forecast below

Cebu Weather Estimation

Best times to travel in the Philippines?


From my experience, here are the best seasons to visit the Philippines from the best to less good:

December 🎄💝: It is the month of celebrations with Christmas & New Year! Not only, the weather is great – not too hot or too cold and unlikely to rain – but you will experience & feel the Christmas spirit of the Philippines! As soon as you’ll step out of the airplane, you will be greeted by smiles, welcoming Filipinos, festive songs, and Christmas lights – the parols – and decorations! However, it is a high peak season. Many OFWs (= Overseas Filipino Workers) from the world come back home to visit their families they haven’t visited for years. So be prepared to see traffic, crowded malls (need to buy Christmas gifts) and higher hotel & local plane rates.


MANILA, PHILIPPINES: A vendor sits beside for sale colorful Christmas lanterns as church goers pass by to attend a traditional dawn mass in Manila 22 December 2003. AFP PHOTO ROMEO GACAD (Photo credit should read ROMEO GACAD/AFP/Getty Images)


January,February & March ❤️❤️❤️: In 2019, I travelled for the first time in the Philippines during those 3 months and… I LOVED IT! The weather was PER-FECT for travelling! Plus, there are less local & international tourists than usual so it is easier to take #instagram photos & videos! On February, I highly advice you to visit the rice terraces and mountains of North Luzon. You will be able to see high green rice fields! Plus, the weather was sunny & chill.
February is the “coldest” season of the year with temperatures around 20° to max 30°. Plus, the best thing is that in general people are either working or in school, thus touristic places are not THAT crowded comparing to the rest of the year.  And hello… February is Valentine’s Day, so best time to spend some quality time with your love one!


Green rice terraces in Banaue, Ifugao

April☀️☀️☀️: It is SUMMER VACATION in the Philippines & IT IS VERY (TOO?) HOT & DRY ! I think I’ve never felt this hot in my life… and I can tell because 1)  I couldn’t walk around without sweating 2) I kept staying inside malls to be in the AC and as an half-European I usually can’t bear AC! To give you an idea, temperates reach +35° in the city of Manila! Imagine that temperature + the pollution: hella hot. So my advice, take the plane, go to the beach and put sunscreen! PS: It is Holy Week from April 5 to 11, so many Filipinos either go back to their province (hello traffic) or travel around the country! So be ready for higher hotel & place fares and crowded beaches. Actually, I think Manila is the best place to be during Holy Week! There is less people and no traffic. On May and June, the temperatures stay high and it is mostly dry season.

© Mark David Acoba Productions

July/August/September ☀️🌧️🌈: It is officially the rainy season of the year! And at the same time, not really? I think the weather during those months are the less predictable ones of the year. I know that most of you may only have July & August to go on a summer vacation and you should definitely go! As I said in the intro, the weather in the Philippines can be different everywhere at the same time! It can rain in Manila but sunny in Palawan. True story: we were lucky to have sunny or worst case scenario – cloudy – weather during all our group excursions on August! (El Nido, Cebu, Bohol). It is so unpredictable! To be honest, despite the rainy season in the Philippines, I still advice to give it a shot! I mean, if you want  Plus, a rainbow may appear in the horizon 🙂

On November, the rainy season gets less intense and the temperatures are pretty good too.


Why not travel during summer (Europe)?’s the most touristic season of the year! As July and August are the summer vacation, French people will be travelling there but also everyone else!

2. usually airplane tickets are more expensive.

3. rates of hotels and resorts are more expensive during this time.


Travel Tip: Always keep a raincoat or sweater in case of some rain!  Keep an eye on typhoon, weather forecasts websites!

When to book & get the cheapest airplane tickets with VISIT-PHILIPPINES?


Now that you know when to travel to the Philippines, the question that follows is when to book and buy your airplane tickets to get cheap rates?


But more seriously, we highly advice to book your tickets one year earlier! But I know it can be hard to commit in advance because you don’t know when you’ll be on vacation and also how’s your budget going..

No worries! The travel agency Visit-Philippines has negotiated exclusive and preferential prices with their Airline partners throuhgout all the year! And even if it is a last minute purchase, they offer an instalment payment solution, you can pay in multiple time don’t waste your time!

Book your tickets today! FLY NOW. PAY LATER

With its endless stunning islands, the Philippines offers a variety of beautiful natural spots from white sand beaches, crystal blue water to spectacular mountains landscapes, waterfalls, rice terraces and more!

After travelling for 4 months around my motherland the Philippines , let me share with you the 10 must-go-NEW-places to visit in the Philippines in 2019!

If you are not a reader lover, you can watch my travel series videos #VISITPHILIPPINESWITHLEAH on my Youtube channel & Facebook page!

1. Ifugao Province: magnificent mountains & terraces 

If you like hiking, bonding with nature and you are ready to disconnect from the Internet to immerse yourself into an authentic experience to learn about the origins of the native Filipino culture, you should explore the Cordillera of Ifugao! Go on a 2 to 5 days hiking to Banaue, Cambulo, Batad, Patpat, Mayoyao, Bangaan.

And in case if you were wondering, the rice terraces of Batad are the 8th wonder of the world and a UNESCO site. For those who are familiar with the rice terraces from Vietnam or China, these ones are far more impressive as they are perfectly built symmetrically into an amphitheater of rice fields with endless stairs (sensitive knees abstain). They have existed since 2000 despite the many challenges and natural disasters (typhoons, earthquakes, torrential rains …).

Magnificent, incredible, WOW these are the words that came to my mind.


2. Diving at Apo Island in Dumaguete & Maldives of the Philippines: Manjuyod

Dumaguete Island, the capital of Negros Oriental, in the province of VISAYAS, is famous for its diving spots. There you can go on a day trip snorkelling or scuba diving and get your license, and explore the rick marine life of the area: corals, fish of all kinds & sea turtles in Apo Island.

But Dumaguete has more to offer: it is a multicultural island that offers various hidden food gems: Chicken Jo’s Inasal, Sans Rival, Boulevard Street Food – to eat squid balls, tempura. And at night, locals and students coming from all around the world dance, sing and enjoy their time at the various bars and clubs such as Tiki Club or Hayahay Bar for live music bands.

The second highlight of my stay was watching Dolphins and chilling at the Maldives of the Philippines: Manjuyod. You can rent a private boat for the day to go see watching dolphins in the nature and then enjoy the sand bar beach in Manjuyod ! There, you can have fun and do water activities: banana boat, have some fresh grilled lunch, have some drinks a la pinoy and just enjoy! Oh and if you are craving for snacks, No worries, there are SARI-SARI boats floating around! Also, little tip: you can rent a cottage for 3k-3,5K only and stay over one night with your family and friends! It can welcome +15 people!

3. Fall under the spell of Siquijor

If you visit the VISAYAS, you should definitely stop by the mystical island of SIQUIJOR! Locals believe that there are witches, ghosts and mystical creatures that will either hurt you or put a magic love spell called the GAYUMA on you…But those are just stories and legends that gives the island a little bit of charm! Siquijor has a lot to offer to adventure-seekers such as waterfalls such as Cambugahay Falls where you can swim in natural water, jump from swings and cliffs, relax on white sand beaches such as Pilaton beach and have a taste of freedom as you ride your scooter around the island.

HEYOLEAH’s TIP: The nightlife is very little developed so enjoy your stop in Siquijor to relax! Stay 1 night and 2 days, for 1 day of rest and 1 day of exploration. If you want to avoid the crowds at Cambugahay Falls, wake up early, leave at 6am to arrive at the opening at 7am.

4. Sardines Run in Moalboal, South of Cebu

From Manila or Clark airport, the most sensible way to continue is by taking a flight to Cebu. Cebu City is the 2nd largest city in the Philippines and has a lot of resemblance with Manila – an urban city growing into the center trade, commerce and tourism of the Philippines with many old historic & religious monuments. Click here for more info!

While there’s a lot to do in Cebu island – whale shark watching, waterfalls, canyoneering and more – the one attraction which stands out as the most unique is undoubtedly Moalboal’s Sardine Run.

HEYOLEAH’s TIP: Great news! As the sardines at Moalboal don’t migrate, it’s available all year long.


5. The Chocolate Hills, Bohol vs Osmena Peak, Cebu

The Cholocate hills are one of the most famous places in the Philippines located in Bohol because of its homogenous shapes.

But Cebu, also has its own Chocolate Hills called the Osmena Peak! Indeed Cebu is a total package: you don’t only have beaches, waterfalls to jump and swim in but also mountains to climb and hike! 

Locals often compare the view to Bohol’s Chocolate Hills. But instead of rolling curved mounds, the hills have salient peaks.

Along the way, you can see farmers carrying large baskets of freshly harvested vegetables. The Mantalongan & Dalaguete Vegetable Market is the wholesaling station for cabbages, carrots, peppers and other vegetables. This is also the most popular starting point for hikes, if you do not want to hire a Habal-Habal driver to get to base camp.

HEYOLEAH’S TIP: Rent a scooter for the day to be free of your movements!

6. Malapascua Island, New Boracay North Cebu


From South Cebu to Cebu City, we highly hesitated to visit Bohol and explore the famous Chocolate Hills, but instead, we decided to have a complete tour of the Cebu Island by going up north to Malapascua Island.

From the North Bus Terminal in Cebu City, we took a 4hour bus to the Port in the North then a 30minutes boat ride to Malapascua Island. (TIP: there is a boat ride every 30minutes from 6am to 6PM)

And there, we found the most underrated island and beach in the Philippines! My first impression was that IT WAS VERY HOT! But right after, I thought that Malapascua looks like Boracay but 15 years ago: white sand beach, not crowded, yet enough developed to offer basic structures & amenities (resorts, hotels, restaurants, bars, clubs) to let tourists enjoy their stay.

Our program was simple: rest & chill by the beach for few hours then island hopping tour at 4PM to 1) dive near wrecked ship  2) jump off a cliff of +15meters (I didn’t jump) and watch the sunset on the boat.

HEYOLEAH’s TRIP: Being a small island, supermarkets and restaurants are very few and prices more or less high; so before heading to the island, buy basic products: water, fruits, snacks!

7. Kalanggaman Sand Bar in Leyte

One of my dreams was to go on a heavenly sand bar, and I finally realized it in the Philippines on Kalanggaman Island! The water there is crystal clear, clean and fresh – the beach is beautiful and breathtaking! You can either take a half-day tour from Malapascua or stay overnight in a tent and enjoy an unforgettable experience under the sparkling stars.

Do not worry, the island is not that empty! There are small shops called “sari-sari”, the municipal police, cabins, a medical team and even a resort!

9. Siargao or the island of Surfers

Time to get adventurous and live the surfing beach lifestyle! Siargao is one of the best surfing spots of the Philippines and in the world! You will enjoy surfing or watching the seasoned surfers tearing up the bigger waves out at Cloud 9 and in Pacifico.The waves are perfect for both pros and amateurs ! Many will compare Siargao as Bali but the main difference is that you will fall in love with the island but more especially with the locals who are warm and very welcoming. As visitors, let’s respect the environment and avoid plastic use as locals want to prevent any consequences of mass tourism.

There are different also various places to explore in Siargao Island! Click hERE to see the different activities to do!

HEYOLEAH’s TIP: The best way to go around? If you are an adventurer, by bike or motorcycle! But there are also private tours by vans or jeepneys!

9. Above the clouds in Sagada

Located in the mountains of North Luzon, Sagada doesn’t offer what most of you are used to hear of the Philippines- no crystal clear blue water nor white sand beaches – but instead – natural waterfalls, high pine trees forest, caves, hanging coffins… So take a break in the fresh air of nature and go on a hike to the Marlboro Hills to watch the sunrise above the clouds. Experience this unforgettable trip that awaits you.

Sagada is a touristic spot that attracts many local people and international ones especially adventure-seekers. FYI: it is expensive and you cannot visit the place on your own – DIY travel – you must be accompanied by a local guide – I recommend you to contact my friend Reynald, a young and professional local guide (09 954 177 696).

TRAVEL TIP: Visit Sagada as a group to have lower prices on activities and get a jeepney to tour you around! If you travel solo, you may easily join other groups at the Tourism Center.

10. Old & Modern Manila

Give Manila a chance!

Unbelievably known for its appalling traffic jams, polluted air and overcrowding, Manila may well be the most underrated capital of Southeast Asia. But Manila has proven to be one of the places you would really like to go. Why do you think there is traffic in the first place? It is growing, evolving and has a lot to offer tourists.

Staying in Manila can be an intense experience. But the beauty of this historic city, formerly known as the “Pearl of the Orient” in the 1950s, is based on its paradox: Manila is large but vibrant, dirty but full of historic, noisy and cumbersome places, but filled with life, music and music. entertainment.

So, despite the chaos, there is still something about Manila that will bring you back to the Philippines.

Written by HeyoLeah

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If you are visiting Davao City in the island of Mindanao, Philippines, you must taste the Durian aka the ‘King of Fruits’ , a popular delicacy in the Philippines and many other Southeast Asian countries!

Davao City is known not only for its fine beaches and the endangered Philippine eagle, but also for its durian. There are many varieties of the durian and the Philippines has the only truly Thornless Durian, a kind that you won’t find anywhere else!


Tagged as one of the world’s most exotic fruits, durian is now a must-try not only in the Philippines but also in other countries. Hotspots are: Davai City, the Sulu Archipelago and Los Baños on Luzon.

Travelers, both local and foreign, who come for a visit to Davao City usually bring with them durian delicacies – candy bars, sticks, cubes and preserves – when they go home as a pasalubong (souvenir gifts). But don’t try to bring the fresh fruit with you, most airlines won’t allow it on board!

The fruit is famous (or infamous) for its odor. Most people say that durian stinks, that it has a repugnant aroma. But to some, its fragrance can be compared to a perfume and love eating the fruit!

Watch my video where I try for the first time Durian! With friends, we tried different variety of Durian prepared in different ways: Coffee Durian, Durian con Yello, Fried rice Durian, Turon Durian and Durian Crepes… Our reactions were authentic and priceless! We had lots of fun doing this #durianchallenge!

Bon appétit!


Written by Léah with an H

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