Who we are?

Our Story

Behind “Eliza les Ailes du Voyage” hides an algerian-french-filipino couple of entrepreneurs: Eliza and Boualem Fentrouci.

All began with one ambition: independence.

As many Filipino migrants, Eliza had to leave the Philippines, her parents, brothers and sisters living in Muntinlupa, to live her dream: succeed in life abroad and support their families.

With a brand new architecture degree, Eliza arrived in Paris on December 1989, discovering for the first time the cold of winter. But that wasn’t the first challenge she would be faced with: her status as a migrant and the language barriers constrained ger to find a job in France as an architect.

As for Boualem, born in La Tronche in the region of Isère in France, has moved in Paris to study and work professionally as a surveyor.

Eliza and Boualem, had faced many rejections and challenges. Thus, they decided to build their own company. In 1994, they opened the first Filipino Store in the 16th arrondissement of Paris and diversified their activities progressively towards the import/export “Balikbayan boxes” and tourism sectors. In 2000, they had focused on the last two activities and officially opened the first travel agency specialized in the Philippines “Eliza les Ailes du Voyage”.

What we believe in

Our Values

As a travel agency specialized in the Philippines, we share the same values as the country: unity, hospitality & hardwork. Values ​​that strengthen even more as we are a family business. We treat our clients like family. Professionalism, mutual respect and trust are key values that has led us to provide the best quality service.

What we do?

Our Services

With over 20 years of experience and a strong network of partners, Visit-Philippines by Eliza les Ailes du Voyage has become the #1 travel agency specialized in the Philippines based in Paris. Not only, we deliver the best service, assistance and advice to make your travel easy and enjoyable but we also organize regular tours and excursions in group both in the Philippines and abroad, and we offer “balikbayan” cargo export services for particulars.

Airplane Tickets

Certified IATA since 2000, we offer plane ticketing services in our physical agency and now online with simplified payment methods! Fly Now. Pay Later

Tours & Excursions

Let yourself be guided and create memorable memories by joining our tours and excursions! A unique experience to live with #visitphilippines

Cargo Services

Since 1994, we offer a complimentary service of "balikbayan" boxes exports for particulars between Paris and the Philippines. Occasional shipments throughout the year, high and low season, by sea and air.

Meet Us

Our Team

We are a family business that delivers the best service when it comes to travel and balikbayan boxes. We pride ourselves on having a team of individuals from all generations passionate about travel and the Philippines – confident and hardworking, their experience in the industry will make a real difference in the industry.

Are you a student, passionate about travel, human relations and the world of tourism and looking for an internship? Apply now! Send an email to voyages@visit-philippines.com with a cover letter and a CV. We believe in young people and the tenons to teach them the world of work and the old to the professional life.


Our Partners

With over 20 years of experience, we have built strong partnerships with the best company airlines.
Find the cheapest and best quality service flights with our partners.